Supportive Infrastructure Startups

  • Any startup full financing within 90 days by any of the top 49 MicroVCs can be eligible

  • Your startup will have several Supportive Startups.

  • KorAccel is focuses on increasing the infrastructure coverage for better security by design, a lot better efficiencies, scalability, confidentiality and interoperability.

  • KorAccel Quadruple your investment

    • your investment up to $700K (injection of $2.1M) in Seed

    • your investment up to $2M (injection of $6M) in Series A

  • KorAccel gets CEOS/CTOS and entire set to run it

  • SIS provides your main products with additional infrastructures, marketplaces, connectivity and other needed elements to increase your chances of success. 

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Please reach out if your startup got funded or about to close its financing

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